Monday, December 7, 2009

Fuck Up Bitch~!! Talk To Me If You Dislike Me Not Behind Of Me!! IF YOU DARE BITCH~!! DONT BARK COWARDY BEHIND MY BACK

Im so damn fuck Up lately~!! i know dat someone talk abt me behind my back~
i seriously hate tis kind of person, i mean im quite a open person (mayb u might not think so) so im open to all sort of comment given by ppl~ if you hate me juz tell me outright loud~!! i mean i treat u as fren (u might not treat me d same way) therefore i expect u to b honest wif me not backstabbing me!!
i mean fuck u bitch u had totally betrayed my trust to u~!!!
and im not going to trust u anymore~ i had enuf of being betray by frens~ u made me had no trust to people anymore~!!!
if u dont like my bladdy face and my fucking attitude or anything juz fuck off~!! i dun nid a fren like u~!! its not like i had no other fren or i will die without u~!!

Words to u bitch Ms.Y(you knw knw im talking abt u)~!!
[So What If You Dont Like Me~ Like Im Giving A Damn About It~ Fuck Off!! Dont Talk Behind Me, If You Really Dislike Anything About Me Come Bark In Front Of Me Dont Talk At People's Back You Coward~!!! Talk To Me Outright What You Dont Like About Me IN FRONT OF ME NOT AT MY BACK!! IF YOU DARE!!!]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update update~

haha i knw im lack of update~ coz i got alot of assignment mar~ (plain excuse XD)
ok ok wat i had done in oct~ lets see~ ahhh ok i knw wat to update already~

I went to school's holloween
honestly i had went to many holloween party before but holloween party held by school haha tis is d first time~
so at first we plan to dress like a nerd the whole class~ wow sounds fun rite but of coz till d end everyone ffk~ damn!! even milkos!!
so to d end oni me, ronnie, win loon, and bear dressed specially for holloween..
tis is some pic of dat night~

oh yes and as u can c i dressed as a samurai~ i knw i look gay stop complaining!!

haha bt dat night was reli fun~ brings me memories~


And yea after holloween we all d AD088-2 had a drinking party at milkos's hse~
we din plan everything in advance it all came so suddent~ lol
dat day we juz plan to go to eat snowflake at ss15~ den v suddently play wif d 死亡扲绵胎[hah name given by ronnie] bt accident happened~ milkos's fingernail broke when v play tis game~ blood came out bt she still can luf~ =.= wtf....
den v asked her to c doctor but she dunwan haihz wat to do~ she keep on say dat she is ok so v continued our game lo~ den play play har until song jor v all went buy beer and continue at milkod's hse~ XD dat night was reli crazy~
here is photo taken dat night~

group pic

hahah BL~

Everyone get free kiss from lay xien~

GL lmao =.=

beer v had drink~


The next is somthing more serious >> moral project
haha bt to us is still playing 1 la~
v went spca for moral project (at first wanna go to a pet clinic in ss22 1 bt dat in charge suddently ffk~ say cant go lmao zadao lorrrr)
so our group is me, ronnie, milkos, william, keat yee, jean wen, and chee hong~ v all met at sunway at drive 2 car there i drive milkos's car(coz i more fimiliar wif ampang's road) and chee hong drive his car..
haha playing wif dogs is so much fun~ at forst v tot sure is all old old dog abandon very ugly 1 bt reach thr oni knw many oso very cute 1 they oso hav puppies there awww cute X3


And then to updat is my full hse day wif d KLG... haha KLG is my new group's name~ KLG = korek lubang group~ d group member were: me, ronnie, milkos, winloon, and bear~
we go anywhere everywhere go korek new places to play eat and enjoy~ and that day we all went to Full Hse NZX~

like usual v din plan anything in advance somemore dat day got moral exam~ after d damn boring exam v all wanna go eat lunch at forst v say lets go ss15 and eat snowflake den suddently i forget who said hey let go full hse~ den supprisingly everyone agree and v head to NZX~ =.= Spontaneous rite~ LMAO~!!

so there u go our picha thr~ haha v enjoy our time hell damn lot~ i juz love KLG and ma AD088-2~

haha cute picha drawned by bear bear~ love it very much~ cute~

memories in @ full hse~

me and AV loon~ XD (name given by milkos according to her coz loon is so qiao~ suitable to act av LMAO)

Group picha~

LKG love u all~ muaksxz~


Wonder Milk Day~
haha thx to bear who suggest wonder milk to us dat day so i had another unforgetable memories wif u all again~

its a wonderfull place~ i had been thr few times bt tis time wif all ths siao kia ppl thr it makes me more happy~ XD

haha and milkos and loon brought a lomo cam thr~ thx to them v got nice picha for memories~


ahem and finnal before wrapping up this update i would like show show my wor dat being exhibated in d lorong~ XD

ahhhh b4 i forget i oso had dinner wif my long time no see cousin~ XD

picha~ -->


-------------------------------end of update--------------------------------------

Monday, October 26, 2009


I Went To Sing Karaoke Today~
I sang a song where it reminds me of you~
Nothing's gonna change my love for you

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love

If the road ahead is not so easy,
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you if you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are ~

It all had seems to be a dream for me~
A dream that i cant sure its a Nightmare or a SweetDream~


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monthly Update

Here Is My Monthly Update~

Ok~ Abt Tis Month, the worse thing that i could ever imagined reli happened~ i do not want to say it out loud here but frens who knw me well should knw wat happened~ im like sooo fucked-up dat i totally lost my direction for the whole damn week~ i do not knw wat im doing, i cant control my temper, i went mad/crazy very easy and etc etc.. bt thx to my few bestty~ im all ok again~

List of bestty~
Bb 1,2,3
(p/s if i left out anyone sry yaaa tell me and i'll put ur name back thr~ >.<)

And I had been Addicted to [The L Word] series lately~ whao d series is damn damn nice~ A1~!!
Frens u could all go watch in youtube k~ bt inform u sin utube many episode gone missing~ u could see epi 6 but not 4 and 5~ so better if u dll~ (if u reli wanna watch la i could giv u d link 4 dll.... p/s thx YeeYee for sharing d link wif me~)

And Oh Ya~ I get 9/10 for my typography i agreee d design is sucks bt yet lily likes it wat to do~ =.= she choose d worse 3 from my thumb sketch~ and yea those worse 3 finnaly develope into more shitty design~ i knw designer suppost to hav crazy art sense bt her is wayyyyyy too crazy for ppl to understand~
and it is damn not fair~ y class 1 could hav a handsome foreigner as their typo letcurer but v got lily~ DAMN!!! =.=

Here tis is my typo~

and also for tis month my baobei hana came back from kampar to kl 2weeks for sem break and of coz v spend time together and made a gathering~ gathering was fun everyone enjoyed their time except for CK and Nee who din join us~ Haihz
but anyway i made a present for my baobei hana coz her bday is at november and she is nt coming back to kl by then coz no holidays so i gave her something meaningful tis year instead of shirts,earing, and all those fashion stuff~
here is wat i made her

Yup its her mascott~ haha i draw her into all cutie-cute look bcoz she is reli alwiz dat cute~ XD

so i made those 3 pic into badges and made my own packaging design like tis

Tis is d birthday card i made her

and this is the paper bag i made to put in d badge~ cute huh XD wakakakak

and here is some pic of our gathering~

Thr You Go My BaoBei Hana~ Hehe Cute Rite~

Us and her bday card~

I Love You All~ MUASKXZ~

[Actaully v took around 80+++ pic but oni upload few here coz yea im lazy + d connection today is reli slow so~ if any dear fren wanna c more of d pic could go to my facebook~]

And here is a few pic i took wif college frenz~

[Jojo Pan-Mee Outing Wif WinLoon,Bear,Patrick,& Ronnie]

And here is a pic wif Milkos and ah wei when we had linner(Lunch +Dinner) at RuJia~


Haha so tis is d end of my update~ will update again next month~ So Wait For It~ ^A^

and btw i saw tis in a website
(I support the right to love)

♀ + ♀ = ♥ love
♀ + ♂ = ♥ is
♂ + ♂ = ♥ love

haha so cute and its so right~ i 100% support tis is like y muz v discriminate ppl's love is like [yer dat guy is gay or yer dat girl is a lesbo] and i would like to ask wat d hell does it had to do wif u~ i mean love suppost to had totally no boundaries~ rite?
Support the right to love, even if its ♀ + ♀, ♀ + ♂, or ♂ + ♂ its still = to ♥....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

喝酒 Night & 唱K Day

Lazy to talk much juz wan share pic nia~
so here you go.....

[喝酒 Night ]

still in hse b4 going out


xuay's car

in xuay's car otw~

Drunk~ Thx Xuay,Wagen, Ziro send me home and escort me in~

Pic snap by Xuay~ =.= Bien Tai Curik Snap Me when i felt asleep

Drunk =.=

Hehe~ 喝酒wif u felt nice~


[唱K Day]

Me Me Me ^^

Me & Menz


Haha Menz.Nick.&.Jam Go cover d lyric so dat YangKang cant c it when singing~

三个人唱三人有 XD